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Onsite Wiping + Sanitization

Clean. Secure. Simple. Cost Effective.

When upgrading storage solutions, wipe sensitive data from drives, and recover residual value. Reduce or eliminate drive disposal expense, and don’t give non-compliance a second chance.

For about what some charge to destroy and haul away your spent storage, we come to you and wipe it clean. We sanitize drives to the highest standards, eliminate the threat of data breach, leaving a residual asset you can sometimes sell, but always throw away. You’ll save money because:

  • Everything happens at your location.  You maintain asset control.
  • Certified sanitization experts perform the work
  • High speed equipment, capable of cleaning specialized storage solutions (often in the chassis with mounting brackets on), delivers efficiency.
  • You get the hard drive inventory right away
  • Flat rate pricing / no mobilization fee

We leave the residual value for lease return, and resale.

Even if you are physically destroying the hard drives, we eliminate the data before it leaves the data center.

Since we use software to wipe the hard drives, we also collect the serial numbers electronically – eliminating the risks of scanning one of the many barcodes that are found on hard drives.   Accuracy is improved and our process makes it easier to reconcile inventory.

Call us and we will give you a virtual demonstration of a typical wipe/sanitization project.

Physical Destruction

Secure and Simple
Complimenting wiping/sanitization, physical destruction is a practical and economical alternative.   Physical destruction makes sense in the following business cases:

  • Hard drive is mechanically inoperative or fails wipe procedure
  • Low economic value of small quantity / older / smaller capacity hard drive
  • Financial risk outweighs the value recovered from reuse of hard drive

Compliant physical destruction can be accomplished through mutilation by crushing/punching or shredding a hard drive.   While no widespread, scientific evidence has determined a specific shred size for magnetic hard drive destruction or that shredding is better than crushing/mutilation, three physical destruction services are available:

Crushing / Puncturing: secure, fast and efficient – ideal for quantities less than 1500 hard drives – lowest expense in mobilization – ideal for globally remote data centers

20mm – 30 mm Shred: offers visual verification that hard drives have been reduced to pieces of metal – requires mobilization of mobile shredder transported by truck

2mm shred: turns storage media to sand – meets US National Security Agency standard for destruction of SSD-based storage media – – requires mobilization of specialized destruction device transported by truck

Whether you have 1 hard drive in a remote data center in the middle East, to thousands of hard drives in a data center in Texas, our team can physically destroy hard drives anywhere in the world.

Global Services

Available Around the World
Data destruction is a global requirement. Data Centers and colocation facilities are around the world.  Our team prides itself to provide data destruction services across the globe.   

Below is a list of regions and countries where we provide data destruction services.  

If there is a country not listed below – please contact us, we are a nimble organization with global growth plans!

VAR’S and System Integrators

Speed and Revenue for VAR’s and Integrators
When its time to implement, ensure a clean swap

Value Added Resellers and Systems Integrators implementing new storage solutions have a strong alternative to packing up legacy storage media and hauling it away to be sanitized or destroyed.

Destroy Drive performs on site sanitization, leaving a wiped clean asset that:

  • The customer can return when leased or resell when purchased
  • Eliminates the exposure of shipping sensitive data off premises
  • Has no data breach risk or liability

All these advantages can be delivered at a price point that may not only be superior to remove and destroy services, but can contribute funds to new storage solution budget.

We work as partners to VAR’s and SI’s  to deliver a more comprehensive storage conversion experience that will delight customers, and we do it at rates that are strongly competitive. Contact us for more details.





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