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About Us

About Us

With 15+ years experience in secure, compliant and efficient data destruction, Destroy Drive’s team provides compliant, onsite data wiping and destruction at data centers and colocation facilities around the world.   

Leading in data destruction, Destroy Drive’s team has been on the forefront of data destruction research from IEEE’s initial publication in 2003 to comprehensive research performed at University of California San Deigo’s Center of Magnetic Recording, and Research (CMRR) and at the Non-Volatile Systems Laboratory (NVSL).

We are an active and certified member of NAID, the global trade organization for data destruction service providers.

Our Growth

You may ask, how did we build a global footprint?

We already had a thriving operation when, with a little luck, we landed a few big clients, a few multinational OEMs and a large social media company. That gave us the boost to expand our global reach.

We typically recruit talent from some of the largest and innovative organizations on the planet.  Our entrepreneurial team, recognizes the need for compliance, security and data destruction.  We have been very fortunate to add highly skilled and experienced members to our global team.




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