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Hungary On-site Data Destruction – Budapest, Debrecen, Győr, Szeged

HungaryWe wipe hard drives clean and physically destroy digital storage at your facility or data center.

Our engineers work with global enterprises, multinationals and IT service providers who need to assure compliance to GDPR, and U.S. data protection laws.

  • arrays
  • server storage
  • flash cards
  • PCs and laptops
  • hard drives (HDD)
  • solid state drives (SSD)
  • phone and mobile devices
  • flash drives

No Uninstall Needed
Secure, On-Site Hard Drive Sanitization

We wipe drives in servers, storage arrays and even desktops without removing the drives. This is more secure and more efficient.

Physical Destruction

For highly sensitive storage media and media that cannot be reused, we offer on-site physical destruction.

Serving all of Hungary

We cover all areas up and down the Danube and from the West-Hungarian Borderland to the Great Hungarian Plain in the east. We come to your site for secure data destruction.

  • Budapest
  • Debrecen
  • Győr
  • Szeged
  • Pécs